Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Group-quick update

So when I booked this tour, I thought it was going was going to be All Australians and me. But guess what? NO AUSTRALIANS. There are 16 of us. 6 guys and 10 girls. There is a Danish couple, a German couple, one New Zelander, me, a girl from California and everyone else is British. Only 4 of us are going all the way to Bangkok, so we have already made our little clique. Because they make a lot of trips that overlap, we will be with new people once we are done in China. Everyone is really nice and friendly and the accomodations have exceeded my expectations, but I don't want to consider myself lucky so quickly. I got a double room and for this city, I did'n't get a roomate so I have a bathroom and a room all to myself. The beds here are SUPER hard, like a board. Also, everything is very low, so my back is killing me. I'm still having really good food, but today I freaked out a little cause they didn' have diet coke. It's really really hot here and I've been going through like 4 bottled waters a day.


Joanne M.W. said...

ohhh man, summers in china are brutal. also, a thing about the hard beds. yeah, supposedly, that's really good for your back. my parents like to sleep on hardwood floors. =p

monica said...

Hey... I am dying of envy...I wish I had gone with you

jmirandaj said...

This is awesome! Sounds like you're having a great time-- do they have whole pigeons on any of the menus? Birds nest soup is big on Chinese menus in the Philippines :)

In case you haven't checked out the FB pics yet, we are taking good care of Phil!