Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bacon Fest!

Last weekend we made a short road trip to Kacarevo to attend what is supposedly the biggest bacon festival in the world.  I love bacon more than any other meat, so it seemed almost sacrilegious not to attend.  Besides, the poster and website promised a really good you can see in the pic below, volcanoes, tornadoes and drones are nothing to worry about, as long as you've got a big slab of bacon on hand.

The official website also promised the crowning of Mr. and Ms. Bacon Fest, something that we were really looking forward to, but were unable to find if/when it actually happened.  Instead we settled on navigating the crowds, checking out the booths, eating some meat and buying souvenirs.

Not just bacon - sausages, ribs and all kinds of cured meat were available for sale.

Nostalgia is a big part of Balkan living

and the most valuable customer award goes to...

Roasted Lamb on a stick

I'm pretty sure the poster must have been modeled after this dude.

Our friend R. stirring some steaming pork fat

My meat platter and I

 In the end, I am not sure who had more of a cultural experience - us -or the local villagers who put together the whole thing.  We were definitely the talk of the festival with our big cameras, 'ne razumem' stares, giant strollers, and loud 'check this out' yelps at every single kiosk.  Overall, I think we put on a good show.  

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rabbitrd_HZ said...

Hey! We saw "Moustache Man" at the wine festival last year, too! He's a riot! Super jealous about the bacon fest. We found out about it the day of. My bacon-lovin' husband wiped away his tears and I made him a veggie pasta for lunch. :) Great to see your photos!