Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some random observations and news updates

Here are a couple of cool things I have seen lately.

First of all, I HAVE found things that are much bigger in Serbia than at home.  For example, local, Serbian beer can be bought in 2 litter bottles and it's only about $2.50
and as you can see in the pic, YES, they do have Coke Zero in Serbia! As a matter of fact, they ONLY carry Coke Zero and not Diet Coke, which is fine by me.  I think CZ is far better tasting than Diet.

I was also able to find celery. The biggest stalk of celery I have seen in my life.  I am NOT a celery fan or even eat a lot of it, but Phil and I hosted a housewarming party and I was making a Buffalo, Blue Cheese, Chicken Dip and thought it would be a great "healthy" addition as a possible dipping utensil.  I had never really seen it at the farmer's markets or the grocery store.  This baby weighed over a kilo AND I paid about ten dollars for it.  Worth it?  Yes!  It made a great conversation piece at the party.  Although, I was disappointed because it was very leafy and I was left with just a tiny bunch of little stalks to use for my veggie platter.

The magazine is not necessarily larger than at home, but I do like that you have a choice of sizes.  Purse? or Bathroom?  It's exactly the same edition, page by page (trust me I looked!) and the smaller one is a little cheaper.

I have also noticed that there are a ton of shoe repair shops around Belgrade.  I first saw this in a window and thought it was adorable.  A cute little garden gnome (Noam-ey!) working hard attaching new heels to old shoes.  Then I started seeing them everywhere.  I don't know if it's a chain of stores or if it is the official sign for repair shops, but I think it's super cute and a great way to let non-Serbian speakers know what's inside.

Then last weekend, Phil and I went to the International Women's Club Holiday Bazaar, where each country sets up a booth and sells things/food/ornaments, etc from that country and for charity.  We had some Indian food and bought a few decorations at the Russian and Chinese tables.  Then we went over to the American one, where some of our friends were working selling raffle tickets to win American themed gift baskets.  They had one called "Tex-Mex basket" full of Old El Paso brand items.  There was a "American Baking" one, with chocolate and butterscotch chips and Funfetti cake packets and canned frosting.  All the awesome/awful things America has to offer in one big glorious basket of calories and chemicals.  OF COURSE, Phil had to go and WIN the "American Food Basket", which according to the raffle workers was the most prized one in the house.  It had 3 packs of Mac and Cheese, 2 jars of Peanut Butter, BBQ sauce, Ranch Dressing, Buffalo Sauce, some baked beans, some Zatarain's brand New Orleans style pre made dinners, and some other good ol' American items.   I felt really guilty for winning, mostly because of the other people had their hearts set on it.  We tried to give it away, but people were hesitant to take it.  So here is a picture of us with our grand prize.


Bogi said...

Ooops, I think you seriously got ripped off for that celery.
It shouldn't cost more than 4-5$ max.

Cool blog, have a great time in Belgrade!

fili said...

I had to go there and win? It's not my fault I am lucky like that...

Anonymous said...

The 2L+ beers always make it on almost EVERY expat blog I read. Really legendary they must be :) LOL