Saturday, December 31, 2011

A more personal post

So it's New Year's Eve and like usual, I am reminiscing about the things I accomplished this year, the good, the bad and the ugly. Like always, I am looking for ways to make myself and my life better.  This year I have three resolutions for 2012 and they all begin with "P".  I am going to be more patient, more proactive, and more positive.  Now, for my readers who don't know me as well, you have no idea how much of a Debbie Downer I can be.  My good friends and family know that I can be extremely hateful and drown in negativity. To show you an example, I am including a video I made on one of those days...

This is the kind of stuff I get all worked up about.  And it needs to stop.  Now.

Besides the 3Ps I obviously have the same resolutions as everyone else in America (or in the world):  go to the gym, eat healthier, take better care of myself, blah, blah, blah.

I am excited about starting 2012 in Serbia with a new job and new friends.  I hope it's at least as great as 2011.  I want to take lots of trips; hopefully one to Africa and one to Jordan, and definitely one back home to see all my friends.  I am also looking forward to hosting DC friends here, especially in summer.  From what I have heard from everyone, Belgrade is AWESOME in summer with all the parks and outdoor seating and restaurants.  Also, Serbia is the number one producer of Raspberries in the world, which just happens to be mine and Phils' favorite fruit (unless you count Avocados-which I don't).  AND I got an ice cream maker and soon will be getting a juicer, so I will be having lots of fun with those two and the fresh produce at the markets.

So happy New Year everyone.  Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have a good feeling about 2012. I think we should also try to make it out to Scandinavia or something crazy like that. I also think that even though we super hate on the beach, maybe if we try the Seychelles or something super nice like that, we may start unhating on the beach...dat's right

Pera said...

2011 wasn't really good to me. I hope 2012 will be better and I wish you a same. Happy New Year.