Sunday, February 5, 2012

SuperSNOW Sunday

So while everyone at home is getting ready to pig out and watch the Superbowl, we are homebound getting ready to pig out and watch movies instead.  If we were in Budapest, please KNOW that we would be attending this.

There's a bit of glare, so if you can't read it, it's UNLIMITED  food at TGI Fridays for about 40 bucks; but it starts at 10 pm, and we are 3.5 hours away.  Plus, the game won't end till like 3 AM our time.  Also, the roads are pretty dangerous right now to drive all the way there.

It snowed A LOT on Thursday night and the ground is pretty much frozen.  Phil and I were smart to follow a colleague's advice and buy ourselves some Yak Trax, which I highly recommend to anyone who goes out in the snow and ice.  So when we went out walking yesterday, we didn't fall down, which is amazing considering that when we were in Montreal 3 years ago, we each hit the floor at least twice in three days.

This is what Belgrade is looking like these days:

We made a pit stop at Phil's favorite place (take a wild guess!)

Let's just say this place is way classier than at home

and on the way back we found this near the market, a real Serbian snowman/woman!

Снешко белић


Shannon said...

stay warm! hope you have some good movies ready. don't forget to call j tomorrow! he misses u two like crazy.

La Leche Belgrade said...

Can you share the coffe place with us?? I do not recognize it....

V-Rah said...

It's the McCafe on Slavjia Circle, hence the joke about it being classier than at home. McDonald's in the US doesn't have desserts or fancy coffees.

Emm said...

Belgrade looks beautiful in the snow! I'm hoping to visit later in the year but I'm also hoping it'll be a little bit warmer!

I found your blog on Expat Blogs by the way!