Monday, January 30, 2012

Foxxy, the dog that we owned for one night

How awesome is it that on the last Friday of every month, the Canadian Embassy opens up their back bar to the public for the "Canadian Club Happy Hour".  Seriously.  They have a real bar with a pool table, two dart boards, and an outside deck right on the premises.  Not to mention the disco ball and the great prices.  Plus, it's non-smoking and  it's the sort of place that you can just show up alone because you know that SOMEONE is bound to be there that you can talk to- so it's a pretty much a guaranteed good time.  This month, Phil and I stayed until closing time, just hanging out with some of the folks that we hadn't seen since before the holidays.  As we are leaving, we see this super cute, pink-nosed, bright eyed dog just sitting by the exit waiting.  She's all friendly and wagging her tail so we pet her for a bit and all that, and then we start walking home.  The dog starts following us, and we are like, "oh, she's so cute", "she's so sweet", "look at that pink nose", "poor baby must be so cold" (there's snow on the ground still and it must have been like 20 degrees by then), so we decide that if she came all the way home with us, then we would keep her.  We walked the good 30 minutes up hill to our apartment and she' was still right behind us, happy as a clam.  Once we were home, she was hesitant to get on the elevator, so I took the stairs with her and we brought her in and Phil's like, "we cannot let her sleep in here without a bath", because she was pretty stinky. (and  because Phil is pretty anal about cleanliness).  So we put her in the tub and Phil gave her a full-on scrub.  That water was running and it was sooo dirty, I don't think she'd been bathed in awhile. We tried to give her some food, but all we had was cat food and by then it was too late to get anything else.  She didn't eat anything, but instead happily plopped herself on our couch and went straight to sleep.

We went to bed and woke up the next morning, to the idea of what owning a dog meant: the walking, the cleaning, the bathing, the vet, the moving around. But we went to the living room, and there she was cute as ever, sleeping soundly.  So we figured we had to get a leash and take her to the vet and all that.  As we're getting ready, she's right by the door, letting out these little howls, I assumed that she really had to use the bathroom, after all it was like 11 AM.  I figured I could just take her out to this little dog park that is about 3 blocks away, and I tell Phil to meet us there.  And then it all happened way too fast... we went downstairs, opened the building's front door, I blink, open my eyes, and she's running, literally running out the door.  So I go behind her, calling after her, "Foxxy, Foxxy, come here girl, nena"..and she's so fast, and so happy and confident.  She's a whole different dog than the sweet little thing that woke up on the couch. I try to catch up with her, but the faster I go, the faster she goes, and she is definitely not going the way of the dog park, but down the street.  I keep walking after her, but she's about half a block in front of me and the street is crowded and I am still yelling and people are noticing her and I just can't catch up and I wanna yell "stop that dog"  but I don't know the words in Serbian, and I didn't want people to think I was crazy.  Even though I know I was acting crazy.  Then, Foxxy started jaywalking on me and crossing the street and I kept crossing after her, but there was one time, when a car had to literally break two inches in front of her, so I didn't want to startle her more and make her run into the street, and I definitely did not want to witness her getting run over, since by then we were on a heavy trafficked strip right where all the buses run. So at a point, after a good chase, I thought to myself,  ok, I just need to turn around and let her go.  So I did.  I saw her turn a corner unto another street and I went home.

I had to come home and tell Phil I had lost her.  He was a little mad, but not too much. We went back to where I last saw her and to another park near the Sava Church, (see post #2), called her name some more, but nothing.  She was long gone. I wish it'd been Phil who took her out instead of me. But I guess she didn't really want to stay and it wasn't really my fault. You'd think that after a bath and all she would have been a bit more grateful, but no, we were used.  Although, we also think that Mami and Angie probably had a little bit of a talk with her during the night, something like, "Listen up, Foxxy, you have 24 hours to hit the road or the claws are coming out".   If that's the case, I don't blame her one bit for leaving.

Foxxy taking her bath

Mami, supervising the whole thing


Jasmine Jose said...

My heart is overjoyed and broken at the same time. I loves on you people even more!!

J said...

Let's face it, Foxxy made the right decision! You know Mami and Angie are looking out the window everyday wishing they was Foxxy. (Some hate(s) from the Sates)

Phil - Foxxy washer said...

This is literally so funny...and I am secretly happy Foxxy left cause you know I wasn't planning on waking up early to walk a freaking dog every morning...but Foxxy was cool for that one night...If we see her again, maybe that would be a sign...