Monday, January 9, 2012

A Serbian Christmas

In Serbia, Chritsmas was celebrated on January 7th.  This was really convenient for us since we are not religious or anything, we had plenty of time to walk around the city and have fun on the days leading up to New Year's.  December 24-25 were absolutely normal days, people were out and about and things were open like usual.  My parents were here for a long time and having them here really helped me get out every day and see more of the city and explore different places to eat and visit.  Every day consisted of more or less the same routine; getting ready, head to the market, eat lunch, go sightseeing, come home, mull some wine, have dinner, watch movie.  All in all, it was GREAT.

We also did a lot of random walking (getting lost) and window shopping.  Like I've said before, the prices here are RIDICULOUS!  Everything is marked up at least 20% from what it would be at home.  So if I really wanted to go shopping- I could, but it wouldn't be very cost effective.  There are tons of the European chain stores at the mall and at this really cute pedestrian strip.  They have Mango, Zara, United Colors of Benetton, GAP, Sephora, Levis, etc.  But you cannot find jeans for less than 70-80 dollars...unless you go to the chinese market...and that requires a whole other post.  

I did enjoy the spending the holidays in the city and saw some interesting and cool stuff.
such as this pretty outrageous underwear (yes, it is a bunny!)

I really wished I could have bought a pair for Phil, as I think this is awesome, but I don't think he would have appreciated the gesture.

I also discovered what will become my substitute for 5 Guys, for those who don't know, Phil and I were OBSESSED with this burger chain out in DC called 5 guys.  We used to go at least once a week.  So know, we will have what we call "church at Goldy's"

Outdoor seating.  Less than 3 dollars. FRIES INSIDE YOUR BURGER.  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!  oh, and they serve beer too AND it's cheaper than the soft drinks.

Another thing was that one of our cats became obsessed with my dad. She was physically and emotionally unable to separate herself from him.  My family has never been too keen on cats and I was brought up to think they were slightly evil and double crossing.  It was Phil who changed my mind about kitties and now I am cat lady to the max.  Well, Mami (the cat in the pic) was doing a really good job getting my dad's attention by sitting on his laptop or interrupting his Sudoku puzzles.  By the way, she is NOT allowed on the dining room table, but like all grandparents, my dad just let her do as she pleased.

This was also the first year we ever put up a real Christmas tree.  Or a real Christmas tree that happened to be fake.  I mean real as in not a miniature one that's pre-loaded with ornaments like our sorry ass tree in DC.  The picture didn't come out to show how pretty it looked.  Unfortunately, Santa didn't come to our house.  He either got confused by the change of address from the USPS or we were really, really bad this year.

Finally, I posted this picture as a testament of my mom and I's unfortunate Odyssey to the Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art, which we never found.  First we took a bus that had to take a detour. So we got off after 25 minutes and took another bus that I thought would take us nearby.  We clearly got off way too late and proceeded to walk back for over an hour through this park that might as well be the back woods of Belgrade, complete with stray dogs and all.  When we finally made it back to civilization, we asked around and found the building, but the museum seems to be closed for renovation.

It was certainly NOT open, as the swigs and grass were up to my knees and the windows were in pretty bad shape, not to mention the 5 + dogs that had made their home in their parking lot.  I still don't understand where the actual artwork is, since if you click on their link there are exhibitions being advertised for these dates.  It's all a big mystery.  At least we got to see some nice greenery, exercise and have lunch at the food court at the mall.


jastri said...

Me encanto la foto de la Mami con tu Papa :)

Dancingintherain said...

Me encanto tu blog, el viaje fue realmente fuera de serie, muchas gracias a los dos.

La Leche Belgrade said...


I think you need to meet some Belgradian friends! They will show you the city and tell you all those things you can not find on the net. And, you will also feel more relaxed as you seam to be very unrelexed and biiter in your posts! E mail me if you want to meat for a cofee. And not to scare you ,I am 32 year old woman who had recently moved back from The States....

J said...

Santa has GPS. You know you two were very, very bad last year. Better luck in 2012!

Filip said...

We will need to find that museum before we leave this town...I don't think you are bitter or unrelaxed. And besides, telling the truth is NOT being bitter. I love my bittersweet baby gurl

J.C. said...

Yeah, I think you're getting all wrong. Relax a little, don't value your pathetic life so much.
Go with the flow and everything will be just fine.

La Leche Belgrade said...


I do not personaly know this girl, I am just judging from her writing, and it sure is bitter! Small trash cans??? Who cares??

Tatjana said...

Ohh I think this is not bitter at all. It's true, those museums say they are open and you show up and they aren't. I would not be bitter, i would be FURIOUS. I think La Leche and JC are confusing being relaxed and "with the flow" with accepting mediocrity. And I have seen those stupid small trash cans - one word, STUPID!